Now in India!

Relished in several countries under different labels, this world-class peanut butter finally comes to India as ‘Get’. Do you get our story?

Get Peanut Butter


100% Creamy Peanut Butter, that is fresh and delicious in every scoop – it’s like serving sheer goodness every day.


From here on, heaven would be spelt Creamy Honey Peanut Butter.If heaven was a feeling, it would be a spoonful of GET Creamy Honey Peanut Butter.


It’s always more than double the goodness with the scrumptious GET Creamy Chocolate Peanut Butter, with the world’s favourite tastes pairing together, for you.


The traditional American creamy peanut butter flavour, with all its goodness, using our secret recipe and bottled, just for you.


The zesty, tangy flavours of pineapple, enhanced in each creamy layer of the world’s best peanut butter. 


The wholesome crunch of  the best peanuts – hand-sorted and roasted to perfection in the Creamy Classic Peanut Butter, also brings the smile of contentment.


GET’s Creamy Cinnamon peanut butter flavour that delivers the perfect hint of Cinnamon, evoking memories of  home bakes & the hearth


The best peanut butter on several counts

You've got to Get It

Export Quality

Each spoonful of Get is made with love from ingredients that meet exacting standards across the world, starting with our responsibly sourced peanuts.Get is FDA-approved.

Largest & Finest Peanuts

Get is made with only the most fresh, finest and largest peanuts from across the most hygienic Indian farms, with only the finest and largest peanuts being used up to the extent of 95%.

Hand Sorted Peanuts

Our export-grade peanuts are hand-sorted across all stages – even after second roasting, so that  you get the best of peanuts  creating your favourite brand of peanut butter, every single time.

Active lifestyle food Get Peanut Butter

The perfect Food

No matter what your lifestyle is

High in protein

Upto 28 gms per serving of Get Peanut Butter. It’s an energy store !

Zero cholesterol

Your body will love this, with every spoonful. Be fearless of Cholestrol.

High Fibre

A great source of dietary fibre & more so ours, which come from the best sources.

Good for Heart

Packed with Omega-6 that increases good cholestrol, that’s great for your heart

Energy Booster

With the high percentage of good fats & protein, each peanut butter serving is a recharge.

Only Good Fats

All that your body needs in heart-healthy, mono/poly unsaturated fats is here.

You can Get anything and everything

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