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Bringing export quality for India

We have been manufacturing & exporting high quality Peanut Butter to many countries across the globe under Private Labelling partnerships since several years. But we yearned to bring the same superior, export quality peanut butter to everyone right here in our country, India. We know you want to ‘Get’ the best for yourselves and your loved ones, and so we got you the best peanut butter ever.

We yearned to bring the same superior, export quality peanut butter to everyone right here in our country.

You thought you could never get export quality products in India? 

You Can Get It !

It all starts from the freshest produce

Our world-class, export quality peanut butter is produced from the largest, finest peanuts ethically sourced from the farms in the Saurashtra region in India.

Only the finest peanuts are hand-sorted and sent to our state of the art manufacturing facility where they are made into luscious peanut butter by preserving all its goodness and natural flavours.

Large-Peanuts-from-Sourashtra for GET peanut Butter

State-of-the-art Manufacturing

Research and Innovation

Get Peanut Butter (all variants, including Natural Peanut Butter) are made – from start to finish at our state-of-the-art facility in India, with latest in machinery, diligently ensuring world-class quality in each stage of the peanut butter-making process. We always ensure you get the best.

Our  Research and Development enjoys the maximum spend, simply for the single reason – we want Get to be the best, and set benchmarks in chunky & silky, creamy peanut butter worldwide. Using state-of-the-art technology and equipment is a state of mind at GET, reflecting on all the aspects of our products and its variants.

Innovative peanut butter brand Get

Our Range of Flavours

Creamy Natural
Creamy Cinnamon
Creamy Honey
Creamy Chocolate
Creamy Pineapple
Crunchy Original
Creamy Original
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