The best peanut butter in India is Get peanut butter

The Goodness of Honey

The All Natural Honey Peanut Butter from Get

Peanut butter is among the most sought-after superfoods in the world nowadays. There are many reasons for it. It is tasty, nutritious, and has a texture that makes it everybody’s favourite. Get Peanut butter is among the best peanut butter brands in India and exports to different parts of the world. We have different flavours. Among the many flavours, the one that is as nutritious as it is sweet, and has a dreamy texture to it is the Honey flavored Get Honey peanut butter.

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The double goodness of Honey peanut butter

Honey is another superfood that is highly beneficial to the human body. It is a good source of antioxidants and nutrition. It even has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Get Creamy Honey peanut butter is made using 100% Non-GMO premium peanuts. What’s more, our creamy honey peanut butter is as healthy as it gets. It does not contain any Trans-fat or cholesterol. With a process that is certified, we make the best peanut butter. Our peanuts are hand-picked and hand-sorted, our rigorous quality check ensures you get world-class quality. Get Honey peanut butter is made from the best peanuts; responsibly sourced from our trusted partners. We are also 100% vegan, thus making us purely organic and healthy in all ways.

Get’s Different Flavours

Creamy Natural
Creamy Natural
Get Creamy Cinnamon Peanut Butter Online
Creamy Cinnamon
Buy Get Creamy Honey Peanut Butter
Creamy Honey
Buy Get Creamy Chocolate Peanut Butter
Creamy Chocolate
Buy Get Creamy Pineapple Peanut Butter
Creamy Pineapple
Buy Get Crunchy Original Peanut Butter
Crunchy Original
Creamy Original

We follow a sustainable process that not only gives you the best honey-flavoured peanut butter but also is environment friendly.

This is the process that gets us Get Honey Peanut Butter

Planting and harvesting

Like the original process, Peanuts are planted in spring and harvested from late August to October. High-quality Peanuts are procured from the Saurashtra region, which is then hand-sorted to ensure premium quality. Post mechanical drying and cropping, the peanuts are delivered to warehouses for cleaning, where they are stored unshelled.

Shelling & Roasting

Shelling is done using rollers and roasting is carried out by a roaster, which is monitored by a photometer.


After dry roasting, peanuts are removed from the oven as quickly as possible and directly placed in a blower-cooler cylinder. For efficient cooling, there are suction fans in the metal cylinder that can pull a large volume of air through. Cooling helps to retain some oil and moisture. The cooling process is completed when the temperature in the cylinder reaches 86 °F (30 °C).


Blanching can be either Heat blanching or Water Blanching

Heat blanching: In this, Peanuts are heated with hot air at 280 °F (138 °C) for no more than 20 minutes in order to soften and split the skins. After that, the peanuts are exposed to continuous steam in a blanching machine. The skins are then removed using either bristles or soft rubber belts and separated and blown into waste bags.

Water blanching: In Water blanching, after the kernels are arranged in troughs, the skin of the kernel is cracked on opposite sides by rolling it through sharp stationary blades. Skins are removed and the kernels are brought through a one-minute hot water bath, placing them on a swinging pad with canvas on top. The swinging action of the pad rubs off the skins. Afterward, the blanched kernels are dried for at least six hours with hot air at 120 °F (49 °C).


Your all-natural creamy honey peanut butter finds its true form here. Two sizes of grinders are employed. The first grinder produces a medium grind, and the second produces a fine grind. At this point, all healthy additives are added to the fine grind to produce the peanut butter. This adds flavour and allows the peanut butter to stay as a homogeneous mixture.

All this process allows us to get you peanut butter that is as good as the original American peanut butter but with a delicious honey flavour.

Get Honey Peanut butter is high in protein and healthy fats, an energy booster, good for the heart, low in sugar, and a great source of dietary fiber. With zero cholesterol & trans-fat, this is one of the best foods that can be had by adults and children alike. As it is low in calories, it is recommended for weight loss as well as for physically active people. Apart from that, our natural honey peanut butter also contains many bioactive compounds. All these characteristics make Get Honey Peanut Butter the favourite of the youth as well. Apart from being the perfect addition to your main dish, Get Honey peanut butter is also an ingredient in your cooking, with it being an integral part of cookies, smoothies, cakes, puddings, sandwiches, energy bars, and many such nutritious and tasty desserts for kids and adults alike. So, it’s time to enjoy the Get creamy Honey peanut butter.

FAQs on All Natural Honey Peanut Butter

What are the ingredients in your chocolate peanut butter?

We use peanuts, sugar, salt, permitted emulsifiers, dark chocolate chips & cocoa.

Is Chocolate peanut Butter good for you ?

our chocolate-flavoured peanut butter is free from trans-fat, has no added sugar and rich in vitamins u0026 proteins. It is perfectly tasty, nutritious and healthy.

What is recommended serving size of chocolate peanut butter?

The normal recommended serving size is equivalent to 2 tbsps. As in 1 serving size = 2 tablespoons or 32g of peanut butter.

How much chocolate peanut butter can one consume a day ?

Though Get’s Chocolate version is so delicious, we recommend you donot consume more than one serving (2 tbsp) a day.

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